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Barkan Industrial Zone

  • Aladin – cleaning products
  • Barkan Carpets – carpets
  • California Marble – carpentry and marble
  • Carmel Holdings IL (formerly Beitili) – furniture and carpets
  • Caesaria Carpets – carpets
  • Ofertex – cleaning rags. The company manufactures non-woven cloths from recycled textille waste. Its main products include floor rags, bathmats, home mats, pet mats and a variety of cleaning cloths.
  • Plasto Polish – Its own label is Bianco Cleaning Sponges and Pads. Provides private label products from Scotch Brite and Kimberly (Nicole). Manufactures and exports household cleaning products, mainly scouring sponges and cleaning pads. Distributed under the Shufersal brand name.
  • Winter Carpets – carpets. Part of the Carmel Holdings Group.

Gush Etzion

  • Amgazit – gas and camping equipment

Atarot Industrial Zone

  • Jerusalem Pencils – pencils


  • Paint li – art supplies


  • Schem Laboratories – cleaning products

**All locations are approximate and do not reflect the exact address, but rather the locale of the business.

Source: Gush Shalom, Who Profits